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How is the warranty for the Felicita Scales?
About warranty issues: Please contact your original place of purchase or your local distributor. Products that are purchased in every country have a one year warranty for parts only. If your product fails within one year date of purchase, simply email us at

What should I prepare for the warranty if I need?
Please have the following information prior to contacting Felicita:
1) Proof of date of purchase.
2) Mode and serial number (located on bottom of the product).
Felicita will contact you to determine the problem, and see if it can be fixed quickly and easily.

The customer is responsible for paying the freight charges and any duties for replacement parts that Felicita may send. Customer is also responsible to provide any labor required to repair the product.
Please note: The high quality workmanship of Felicita products bearing the Felicita trademark is guaranteed by: FELICITA CO., LIMITED.

I want to make a little bit change of the modes, is that possible?
Please read the user’s manual carefully. The available modes cannot be changed by the user. If there is better additional mode or function you want, please contact us and let us know. We’ll be very appreciated and do our best to improve our future visions. Your feedback is gladly welcome!

The scale seems not working properly. I can hear something inside and I think I need to open it and check. Can I do that?
Users should not open the scale for any purpose of fixing or modifying. The right way to do is to contact your original place of purchase or your local distributor. Ask for their suggestion and prepare for the next.

What’s the purpose of doing the calibration for the scale?
The calibration procedure is designed for users to calibrate the  Felicita scale periodically in order to maintain the best weighing accuracy.

Why Is Calibration Important ?
The weighing sensor does not only respond to weight, but also temperature effects , surface tilt, gravitational influence, voltage bias,etc. In order to rule out confounding factors and maintain the highest weighing accuracy of the scale, periodic calibration is required.

When should I do the calibration for the scale?
For the Felicita scale, it is recommended to calibrate periodically – once per week or every other week. If the Felicita scale is moved between two cities,between two environments with different temperatures, or onto a different surface, then the calibration procedure should be performed.

How do I calibrate the scale correctly?
Please see the following instructions which can also be found in the user’s manual:

How long should I charge for the scale? Is there any way to know the current capacity?
It takes about 8-10 hours to charge from fully depleted to full capacity. When battery is charged full, it will stop charging automatically as the scale has overcharge protection. However, it is not recommend to charge overtime.
When the scale is connected to the Felicita App successfully, the current capacity of the battery will show on upper right corner. You could scan and download our App for free:


Is it safe to boil water a little more than 600ml? Or sometimes less water like 200ml.
Do not fill the kettle above the MAX line. It is recommended to add 300-600ml water. If more than 600ml water, the water will be poured out of the kettle when it’s boiled. Danger of burns. If less than 300ml, the water temperature control may not be as accurate. Certain volume of water is needed for the temperature to move up and down one degree.

I own a heating base from other brand, can I use it with the kettle?
In order to prevent damage of the kettle, please only use accessories that were provided by the manufacturer. The operation should be followed carefully as the user’s manual.

How long does it take the kettle to reach boiling at capacity?
At higher elevations water boils at lower temperatures. Boiling time is influenced so much by this, but typically it takes the kettle about 3-5 minutes with 0.6L of water. Use the chart below to determine your kettle’s boiling temperature, which is also in the user’s manual.

What is the voltage and current rating for the kettles?
Please see the technical data as bellow which also can be found in the user’s manual:
For countries with voltage:
ranging from 110-127V
Rated voltage: 120 V ~60 Hz
Rated current: 10A
Rated power input: 900-1100W
Capacity: Max 600ml

For countries with voltage:
ranging from 220-240V
Rated voltage: 220-240 V ~50/60 Hz
Rated power input: 1000-1200W
Capacity: Max 600ml

How do I clean and store the kettle?
Always switch off and unplug the kettle from the power outlet before cleaning. Make sure the kettle has cooled down if recently in use. Clean the inside of the kettle by hand with mild detergent and rinse thoroughly. Clean the outside of the kettle and base with a damp cloth. Dry by hand with a soft dry towel. Store the kettle in its box or in a clean, dry place. Never wrap the power cord around the kettle.

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